Lake Bonavista Movie Night In The Park

Lake bonavista movie in the park

Neighbourhood movie night in the park

Movie In The Park night in Lake Bonavista this year was a blast! The fun started at 7 pm (however, there were already people there at 5:30 to save a spot) with food trucks, live music, and socializing with the neighbours while setting up. The movie started at 9 pm, perfect timing with the sunset. The location was on the tobogganing hill- the ideal place because everyone could see the sizeable blow-up screen just by the water. This year featured Sing 2. It was free for all the residents with passes along with 10 of their guests. We brought our snacks and drinks to tide the kids over. The movie night in Lake Bonavista ended just before 11 pm. I’ll admit our little ones fell asleep before it ended. But they were just excited that they were able to take part in the event. Overall the kids enjoyed themselves, and it was a perfect time for the neighbours to reconnect just before the cool weather. 

Lake Bonavista Movie Night

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