Tips For Selling Your Home Fast In Calgary

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So, it’s time to sell! 

Take the next 30 days to prepare your home for the market. 
Don’t just list it without any advance preparation. A few minor touch-ups can go a long way towards making a favourable impression on potential buyers- and perhaps cinching a deal.
Put your buyer’s hat on and walk through your home like it is the first time. Make notes on what you, as a buyer, would notice and then repair or replace those items. 
Here’s my 5 quick tips to help you sell your home FAST in Calgary:

1. Paint and Touch Ups

A fresh coat of paint is one of the cheapest ways to freshen up your home. Bold colours are bound to be a turn-off to some buyers, so to appeal to the most people possible, take the time to re-paint that red bedroom and blue bathroom. (Tip: light colours will help small rooms look bigger). Don’t forget about baseboards and ceilings – they might need some paint too.

 2. Lighting 

It’s easy to forget about all the bulbs that have burned out over the years, but you want your home to be as bright as possible. Make sure the light bulbs are all the same warmth as well to create consistency. Lighting makes an incredible difference in how a home looks to potential buyers. If you have dated light fixtures (it’s OK, many of us do), take a quick trip to IKEA or Home Depot and pick up some modern ones.

3. Bathrooms

Remove all the toiletries on display (nobody wants to know you use Head & Shoulders). Invest in some new white towels (and no, you don’t get to use them). Visit Winners or Homesense for affordable accessories: soap dish, toothbrush holder, etc. If your toilet seat, shower curtain or bath mat are gross (be honest with yourself), replace them. Consider replacing the toilet paper holder and towel rack/hooks too.

4. Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the rooms buyers are most attracted to, so if you’re looking to skip a room, this shouldn’t be it. Remove your blender/Kitchen Aid mixer/toaster from the counters – you want the counters to be as clear as possible—clean inside all the cupboards (remove everything and wipe them out). Don’t cram all your dishes and food back in – you want to convey to buyers that your kitchen has enough storage for the buyer’s stuff.

5. Front Entrance

Most buyers will have an emotional reaction to your home within 15 seconds of entering it, so what they experience at the entrance is CRITICAL. You want your entry to be clean, de-cluttered and inviting. You won’t wear all your shoes and coats while your house is for sale, so be disciplined and store things away. If you don’t have a hall closet, don’t pile 15 coats on a coat rack – that’s just drawing attention to your lack of a closet.

6. Repairs

We all have that list of never-never repairs and fixes. Now’s the time to get to it, including fixing the leaky faucet, the picture holes in the wall, etc. and get it done once and for all. If you aren’t handy, bring in a handyman to take care of it (we know some good ones, we can help).

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